By: fadzilah zainal

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Thursday, 24-Jul-2008 12:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
speechlessly egypt... masjid dan masjid

some of the masjids that we went to..

Thursday, 24-Jul-2008 08:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
speechlessly egypt.. V

boat @ sg. nil
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boat ride @ sg nil.sleepy n tired...

Wednesday, 23-Jul-2008 13:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
speechlessly egypt.. V

bapak besau each block batu..
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on 19/07.back in Cairo. we went to Giza pyramid n sphinx. weather sgtlah pnas on dat was a really quick tour as we planned 2 visit lots of other places s well n this is our last day in egypt.went back d next day.after dat we went to visit sum of d makam2 around cairo, there were too many of them n we didnt have enuff tym to visit em all.sadly.
we went 2 visit masjid sultan hassan (kot..ngee)tp dh ttop.klakar lak mesjid dpt amik gamba on d outside ja.xpa r nk wt cmna..then we went to another masjid, its d main masjid in cairo kot..xpon smting cm masjid negara r..(absolute defnitely worst @ remembering names) then, we went for boat ride kt sg.nil. tym tuh dh nk sunset so view agklah chun..tho i was quite letih n rsa cm nk tdo ja tp snce nih ja d only chance nk tgk view sg nil so i bulatkn gak mata n i sevive! yay..

this is not a d architect is a dats y la

Tuesday, 22-Jul-2008 10:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
speechlessly egypt.. IV

ieda..dh almost smpai dh ni
adek tamen yg setia mnggu mkcik2 yg tmengah2
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next day.18 jul, in Sinai. pnjat bukit! we started our journey around 2a.m. it was dark n dat bukit (jabal musa) is sgtlah rocky. nak naek took about 2-3hours n i got up there at around 4a.m. it was really extremely hard n tiring. me n ieda dh weng dh on our way up there cm org mabok pon ad gak.asek merapu.ngaahaaha..neway, we made it ieda!yay
btw, i nyaris2 dlanggar unta.naseb baek smpat ngelak.kalo x..huuhu
rmai2 tggu sunrise

this is lembu samiri..nmpak x?

Monday, 21-Jul-2008 12:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
speechlessly egypt.. III

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on 17/07 ktorg btolak g sinai.xctly tmpat2 yg ktorg g nih sgtlah jauh frm each other. so our drivers yg sgtlah hebat were those who suffered d most coz dorg la yg drive n dorg gak yg bg tour while ktorg, dlm keta asek tdo ja.
ondway ktorg sggah kt telaga nb musa(ek?xsure.ngahahaa) n hamam or haman firaun tatau r..ngess.n yg plg horror, ktorg telajak n tersesat bepuluh2 km.hooho
anyway, we made it 2 d destination though a lil bit later than d plan.

160-180 km/h nk tecabut jntung i.

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